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My latest Demo Reel. View my full Portfolio at www.althouseanimation.blogspot.com
Added By: malthouse
Views: 60

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MY 2008 graduating Demo Reel from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. For more info visit my site at www.kylekirkner3d.com
Added By: kkirkner
Views: 85

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Added By: cameraartist
Views: 51

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A quick intro to video blogs and forums at Artists for Artists. A Myspace Ebay for Artists
Added By: grossman75a
Views: 1390

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Having trouble with those baggy shirts? Cant find a decent pair of jeans that fit? This week we answer a viewer's question and solve some size...
Added By: malthouse
Views: 69

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Part two of a quick and simple handbuilding project for the beginning potter. This project uses coils and pinch pots.
Added By: malthouse
Views: 54

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Hot Video
Intoduction to Artists For Artists
Added On: 07/15/2009 13:26:43
Added By: grossman75a

Celtic and Irish Art

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